Education for Santal Children in India

The project provides you with the opportunity to give funding for the educational needs of some of the poorest children in West Bengal, India, and is a cooperation between the parishioners of St. Patrick’s, Strathaven, Scotland with their friends and the Claretian Fathers in India.

This website contains background information about the project, a video showing the work of the project in India and how to become involved in sponsoring the Santal children. There are also up to date reports available on the ongoing work of the project.

As of April 2018
has been raised and sent
to the Marsal Project in India

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West Bengal is one of the poorest areas of India.

The Santal people are of the lowest social caste and are the poorest of the poor and the most disadvantaged people of the sub-continent.

Your help can provide not only education to these children but also stop them ending up in the slums and streets of Kolkata (Calcutta).

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